​​​  St Mary's Primary RuncornSchool Day



9.00 am - School Starts

9.15 am - Assembly

9.30 to 11.45 pm - Literacy / Numeracy/ Letters and Sounds Lessons

11.45 to 12.35 pm - Lunch

12.35 to 2.10 pm - Creative Curriculum / R.E / P.E

2.10 to 2.25 pm  Break

2.35 to 3.00 pm  Story Time / Collective Worship


9.00 am - School Starts / RAR Time

9.15 am -  Literacy / Numeracy Lessons

10.10 - Collective Worship 

12.15 to 1.00 pm - Lunch

1.15 to 3.00 pm - Creative Curriculum / R.E / P.E



Monday 9.10 am - Whole School  Worship

Tuesday 10.10 am - Whole School Singing  Worship

Wednesday 2.35 pm - Family Worship (first and third weeks) 

Thursday  9.15 am - KS1  Worship  Assembly   10.10 am  KS2 Worship Assembly 

Friday  9.15 am - KS1 Treasure Chest Worship   10.10 am KS2 Celebration Worship  


St Mary's Primary RuncornP.E. Sports

You may be aware that the Government has provided primary schools with funding to improve P.E. and sport provision for the next 2 years.

St Mary's has invested this funding in a number of different objectives this term which include:-

  • Specialist sports provision and coaching for both teachers and pupils through Premier Sport.org.
  • Lunchtime and after school training clubs for both KS1 and KS2 children.
  • Booster swimming lessons.

School Documents and Policies

St Mary Parents InformationHoliday Dates 2018-2019

St Mary Parents Information Complaints Policy July 2017

St Mary Parents Information Admission Policy 2019

St Mary Parents Information Whistleblowing Policy April 2017

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St Mary Parents Information Leave of Absence Policy

St Mary Parents Information Collective Worship Policy January 2016

St Mary Parents Information Homework Policy

St Mary Parents Information Equality Diversity Cohesion Policy Sept 2018

St Mary Parents Information Equality information and objectives - Sept 2018

St Mary Parents Information Equality Statement and Objectives

St Mary Parents InformationPromoting British Values at St Mary's

St Mary Parents Information Leave of Absence Request  

St Mary Parents Information Medicine Form

St Mary Parents Information Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

St Mary Parents Information Anti Bullying Policy September 2018

St Mary Parents InformationBehaviour Policy September 2018

St Mary Parents InformationSafeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2018

St Mary Parents Information e-Safety Policy 2017

St Mary Parents Information Special Needs Policy January 2018

St Mary Parents InformationStaff Conduct September 2018

St Mary Parents Information Charges and Remissions Policy January 2018   


St Mary's Primary RuncornReports, Information & Forms


 St Mary Parents InformationDepartment of Education - Performance Tables

 St Mary Parents InformationOfsted Report June 2015

 St Mary Parents InformationSEN Report St Mary's 2018

 St Mary Parents Information SEN Information Report

 St Mary Parents InformationEvidencing Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium

 St Mary Parents InformationProposed Priorities for Sports 2018 - 2019

 St Mary Parents InformationPupil Premium Proposed Spending 2018 - 19

 St Mary Parents InformationPremier Sport Curriculum Overview 2018-19

 St Mary Parents InformationYear 6 Swimming Levels 2017-2018

 St Mary Parents InformationLocal offer Leaflet

 St Mary Parents InformationLocal Offer What's New July 2018

 St Mary Parents InformationParent pamphlet on the Prevent strategy

 St Mary Parents Information2018 Performance Data

 St Mary Parents InformationResults of Parental Survey 2017

 St Mary Parents InformationPupil Voice Outcomes and Actions 2017

St Mary Parents InformationKS2 Pupil Voice Oct 2018

 St Mary Parents InformationKS1 Pupil Voice Survey 2018.

 St Mary Parents InformationPupil Survey Questionnaire 2018

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   If, as a parent of a pupil attending our school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, the school office shall provide this free of charge.


Special Educational Needs


At St. Mary's C.E Primary School we teach a broad and balanced curriculum differentiated according to children's individual needs. Some children are identified as having learning difficulties and we allow extra provision for these children as part of our inclusion policy, which follows Government legislation giving all children the right to education in a mainstream setting. Staff are trained to teach children with a variety of different difficulties and the school SENCO's can access specialist support when required. Children can be identified at any time as having difficulties across the curriculum and support is appropriately deployed. Parents are involved throughout this process and are encouraged to work alongside the school.